Straight out of our “You Think You Got Imperfections?” department, here’s a countdown of models with big noses.

Now, we know that everything is relative.  Big nose to a supermodel may be petite to someone else.

Still, this is a lesson that any so-called imperfection can not only be overcome but can work to your advantage.

1.  Gisele Bundchen

We start off with the most famous big-nosed model in the world, Gisele Bundchen.  Gisele makes no bones about the fact that she’s got a sizable Germanic honker.  Does that stop her from being one of the most sought-after supermodels in the world?

2.  Elena Rosenkova

Russian-born Rosenkova doesn’t sport a nose nearly as big as Gisele’s, but it’s there nonetheless.  Still, she’s got that exotic look that photographers and editors love to put into the glossy mags.

3.  Marta Waydel

Should you think that big noses automatically disqualify you from becoming a model, just check out Polish model Marta Waydel.  This picture shows her nose in all its triumphant glory.  Has that stopped her?

4.  Carolina Pantoliano

Big-nosed models are not confined to Eastern Europe, as the previous photos may suggest.  Carolina Pantoliano hails from Brazil and sports a prominent one.

5.  Emina Cunmulaj

Emina definitely falls into the big nose club.  This U.S. model has worked for many top modeling agencies, including Elite Milan, Marilyn Paris, Model Management Hamburg, Munich Models, Elite London, and Muse New York.

6.  Erin O’Connor

Make no mistake from that profile shot:  Erin O’Connor has a large nose.  Yet we also seem to recall that she has graced the covers of fashion magazines, including Vogue.  Apparently, her looks haven’t stopped her from going anywhere.

7.  Vanessa Retke

Once again, another model with a nose that’s not just “Well, it might just be a little bit longish.”  Brazilian Vanessa Retke’s nose is definitely big.  But is she not beautiful?

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